Victoria Lip Collection - Grace My Face Minerals

Victoria Lip Collection

$ 19.95

This is Lip Color in its purest form - Powder... beautiful, all natural, sparkling color formulated specifically for the lips with none of the heaviness of traditional lip products...and none of the chemicals, preservatives or fillers, either.

Use alone or with the included lip balm base.

Our set of six 5 gram (.035 oz) jars of Lip Powder will last you a very long time, as well as the 10 gram jar of Lip Balm Base that is included with this item. Neither will ever expire, and they will never melt.

This set includes the beautiful shimmering shades of: Chantelle, Amelia, Diana, Eve, Eleanor, and Edith.

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  • Is this a long lasting lip color? I like lip colors that don’t need constant application.

    Hello Stephanie,

    I do believe that our lip powder applied over the lip balm is long lasting! If you would like a sample, I would be more than happy to send you one 😁