Just Blowin' Smoke

"A picture is worth a thousand words." That's what they say, anyway. This picture, though.. now is valued at somewhere around 4 hours application, 30 plus days of exhausting internal dialogue, and 1 life changing realization. 

"Just watch YouTube tutorials!" Anyone who I asked for advice guided me the same direction. So, I did. I watched 211 YouTube makeup tutorials to be exact. By the time I was finished, I felt like with the right tutorial, I could be whatever I wanted and it was all right at my fingertips! I was about to go mineral makeup pro! I collected all of my mineral paraphernalia and headed to the mirror, ready to conquer the world of basic bitches. The "classic (always sexy) all black smokey eye," in 5 minutes, no less. Head up, brush in hand, I started my 4 hour long journey into smokey eye hell.

Now, as mentioned previously, I have a gnarly mix of ADHD and OCD. This matters when effectively calculating application time. It went sort of like... Prime, lid, dinner, baby baths, 7000 lego pickup, blend, WTFFF, boys to bed, blend, organize brushes in size order, next eye, what have I done? Give or take a few cusswords and cocktails. I snapped a selfie, hoping that maybe it would photograph entirely different than it looked in real life, but nope. It still resembled a sort of broken, defeated, half human-half raccoon mess at midnight. So now what? This was supposed to be a success story. I was supposed to "wow" all of you with my new found hot freedom in my blog the next day.

Emotionally tapped out, I just gave up. Honestly, I haven't tried another look since that day. That was 30 days ago. I managed to find the worst case of writers block I'd ever known in 31 years. I've told myself that maybe makeup just wasn't my thing. I didn't want to try anymore. Who wants to be flawlessly beautiful anyway? Pshhhh....

Deep down, I knew... I did. I wanted this so bad that I set myself up for failure. I live in a town of, at most, 20. In reality, I would have zero use for a daily smokey eye. I just thought anyone could throw this stuff on in 5 minutes and be Instagram ready, but I missed the entire point. I failed, but that's okay. The beauty is, I can still wake up tomorrow and try again. I can do one damn smokey eye a week until 2018 and come back here and prove to myself that if I want it bad enough, i have to work for it. Im not a natural, but I will be.

So, let's all fail together... just for fun. Show us your smoke, watch a tutorial if you have to, and let's get real with each other. Everyone who comments on this post, and posts a smoke selfie on our Facebook page will be entered to win our new "Heroine" set shown earlier this week. Two winners will be handpicked on Friday!!



  • emily bowersock

    my look was grunge throughout high school now I am a smokey eye nude lip kinda girl

  • Molly Willis

    Working on perfecting my smokey eye! I need lots of help!

  • Devon Paige

    I was a punk baby in high school, all I did was smokey!!!

  • Ashley Moen

    I started trying smokey eyes when I was 14 and trust me, I looked like a raccoon more often than not. It really does take a lot of practice. My best advice is to do your eye makeup before foundation so the fallout is less awful to clean up. :)

  • Ali

    Hahahaha oh Blake I love you! Now to take this smokey eye challenge and hopefully not look like a drunk raccoon…. I’ll be back!

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